the time

is 9/24/2054, 5:00 p.m. i've found This funky old tv looking thing, i'm gonna try messIng with it, see what happens.

actually, you wanna watch with Me? it'll probably just be static, but i wanna sEe just in case.


The date is 9/24/2054, 5:05 P.M. I went to plug the TV in and I found this weird note taped to the bottom of it. Dude's handwriting is awful, but I'll read it off for you.

"Left this thing for whoever wants it. Couldn't seem to make much use of it, maybe you can do better? Don't bother scanning the site, I've already tried that and there isn't anything here.

Let me know if you find anything useful, I've got $20 lying around I could give away.

- Kerrmunism#2808"


Anyways, let's get to watching, shall we?

Watch the video

Just the audio, for downloading


You're gonna need these.